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Samuel J. Comroe Wins 2013 San Francisco Comedy Competition!
February 16, 2018

A year after winning a late-night TV credit contest, Samuel J. Comroe has won a slightly bigger and older, if not also more prestigious prize, emerging victorious in the 2013 San Francisco Comedy Competition.

The 38th annual stand-up contest hosted a slightly different finish this October, with one night, one performance only determining the winner among the five finalists. In years past, comedians competed for several nights in each round over the course of a month, including the finals.

Comroe stood on top after Saturday’s finale. His first words to Facebook after his win on Friday night: “Just won the San Francisco Comedy Competition! LEGGOO!” The rest of the top five:

  1. Samuel J. Comroe, Los Angeles
  2. Brendan Lynch, Santa Cruz
  3. Drennon Davis, San Francisco
  4. Sterling Scott, Edmonton
  5. Matthew Broussard, Houston

This year’s semifinalists also included Matt Billon, Nato Green, Brett Martin, Brian Moote and Jason Resler.

Here’s a recent set by your winner, Samuel J. Comroe. Congrats! Comroe also is engaged, so please allow him to tell the story of how he wound up proposing to his high-school sweetheart, from a set last year at his home club, Flappers in Burbank, Calif.

Previous winners of the San Francisco Comedy Competition have included Dana Carvey, Marsha Warfield, Will Durst, Sinbad, Jake Johannsen, Carlos Alazraqui and Doug Stanhope.


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